Our story so far.

The Brand

Mr.Avinasiappan, a young B.Sc. graduate with 9 years experience in family owned stainless steel Business had a strong desire to become an industrialist. But with a small capital and established giants in stainless steel business, what could be done? On analyzing the Chennai market Mr.Avinasiappan, found that there was a need for quality and affordable buckets, drums, milk cans and chettinad container.Mr.Avinasiappan thus began his humble beginning along with his brother Mr.Karunanidhi.

Having enough experience in stainless steel business Mr.Avinasiappan pioneered the cutlery manufacturing under the brand name “MURUGAN” in Chennai. With a bouquet of kitchenware of remarkable quality, impeccable design, enduring longevity and most of all the right pricing the cutlery was a runaway success. Thus “MURUGAN” brand was born

Milk boilers, Idly cookers and water filters were introduced in this year and gained the favor of the public with ease. But, what is so unique about these? They are all Joint less products made of single sheet stainless steel.

“MURUGAN” becomes a Brand leader in cutlery in the entire South India(Tamilnadu,Andra Pradesh,Kerala and Karnataka) and became a common household name.

Mr.Avinasiappan’s son Mr.Sudarsan, after having a sound technical foundation in NTTF, completing his Diploma in Tool and Die-making and after having worked in MNC’s for around 2 years, joined his father and uncle in their business.

“Aarumugaa Industries” was started by Mr.Sudarsan for venturing into small appliances and home related products.

Murugan introduced its first Pressure cooker with Speed as its strength.

For the first time in India, “MURUGAN” introduced a new concept in Pressure cookers. Pressure cookers as such without cooking utensils, does not fulfill the cooking needs of a housewife. So, “MURUGAN” introduced a combination of essential cooking utensils along with Pressure cooker to create a cooking solution. The caption goes “Cooking solutions not just cookers” thus fulfilling the cooking needs of a housewife.

Started manufacturing Hard Anodized cookware and pressure cookers with the brand name “ANHARD”. These cookware are scratch-free, black in color, cooks faster, fuel efficient, Non-staining and looks new for years.

New factory was built and production started in February. Here Pressure cookers were the main focus.

The traditional handi was introduced in a novel design by the name of “MODPOT” in the cooker form. The unique shape enables the steam to evenly spread in the inner wall of the cooker resulting in thorough cooking to give healthy and tasty food. Introduced Non-stick cookware with 3 layer greblon coating which is metal spoon friendly.

Introduced India’s 1st ever Induction base Pressure cooker with a DOUBLE ADVANTAGE in the brand name of I cooker. The Pressure cooker can be used in both Induction as well as Gas stoves. Induction compatible stainless steel cookware such as Saucepan, Kadai. Cookware gift sets were created keeping in mind the customers.

Introduced “MAGPOWER” Induction stoves with flameless cooking as tagline. No smoke, No gas/fuel, Eco-friendly, twice as fast as gas, cheaper cooking, anywhere cooking, portable, userfriendly and 83% energy efficient against 50% in gas stoves are some of its advantages.

India’s first ever ceramic cookware “ECOCERA”, totally free of PTFE and PFOA were introduced. These cookware are eco-friendly and made out of Nano-technology coating. There are no health hazards related to this product.

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